Kindness • Patience • Partnership

Dear Customer Friend,

Throughout the course of the COVID-19 Pandemic we have gone above and beyond required safety practices in an effort to protect our staff and clients.

As vaccines become more readily available we will continue to follow the required safety practices as recommended by the CDC and Local and State Authorities.

Because of legal confidentiality and privacy requirements we will not be sharing information regarding the vaccine status of any of our staff, nor will we require you to share your vaccine status with us.

Please rest assured promoting the safety of clients and staff remains a top priority.

As the general public are able to get vaccinated we look toward the end of this very difficult time we have all experienced.

We will continue to follow MODA’s high standards of sanitation and disinfection and our Moda employees will continue to wear masks while servicing our guests.

We will continue to request that our guests wear masks until the end of June when we will reassess. Thank you for your understanding!